About Us:

“The union of QPP and Seralmente was born with the goal of promoting scientific knowledge through events, research, and training, making science accessible to all.

QPP and Seralmente have come together to create a unique entity, with the fundamental mission of making science accessible to a vast audience. Through a rich program of events, innovative research projects, and training opportunities, we aim to spread scientific knowledge, stimulating curiosity and enthusiasm for scientific discoveries in various fields. Our goal is to build a bridge between the scientific community and the general public, encouraging dialogue, learning, and knowledge sharing.”

Our Journey:

“Since our inception, QPP Seralmente has established itself as a benchmark for scientific dissemination and innovation. We have welcomed brilliant minds and pioneers in their fields, sharing ideas that have the power to shape the future. Our history is enriched by shared successes and a collective path of discovery and growth. Looking ahead, we commit to carrying this legacy forward to new heights. With the support of academic and institutional partners, we dedicate ourselves to expanding our initiatives, aiming for an increasingly global impact. Our vision is for an informed and inspired society by science, where every individual can contribute to and benefit from scientific advancements. At QPP Seralmente, we firmly believe in the power of unity and collaboration. We invite scholars, students, enthusiasts, and supporters to join us in this intellectual adventure. Together, we can shift the horizon of knowledge and make science a common good, alive and pulsating at the heart of society. If you identify with our mission and want to be part of this exciting journey, we invite you to contact us. Together, we can build a future where science and culture coexist, enrich each other, and lead humanity towards new incredible discoveries.”


"We have the honor of collaborating with prestigious universities, innovative research institutes, cultural organizations, and scientific societies at an international level."



"Our Board is composed of visionaries from science and culture, united by the common goal of guiding QPP Seralmente towards new horizons of knowledge and innovation."

Scientific Committee:

"Comprised of internationally recognized experts, our Scientific Committee is dedicated to supporting the integrity and innovation of our outreach and research initiatives."

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QPP SeralMente Team