“At QPP Seralmente, we believe that the strength of a scientific community lies in collaboration and interconnectedness. Our network is the lifeblood that enables us to expand the horizons of knowledge and promote constructive dialogue across various fields of expertise.

We have the honor of collaborating with prestigious universities, innovative research institutes, cultural organizations, and scientific societies at the international level. These alliances allow us to provide a rich and diverse platform for events, research projects, and educational programs.”

Our network includes:

Academic Institutions: Where the brightest minds come together to teach, learn, and innovate.
Non-Profit Organizations: Sharing our mission of scientific outreach.
Research Entities: At the forefront of exploration and development in neuroscience and other scientific domains.
Scientific Societies: With whom we collaborate to organize events and publications.
Local Communities: The roots of our commitment, where science meets everyday life.”

“We are always open to new collaborations that can enrich our network and contribute to our mission of making science accessible to everyone. If you are interested in being part of this dynamic ecosystem, please contact us to explore how we can collaborate.”


Joel Yamaha, PHD

Board Director

Ingrid Vulk, PHD

Senior Executive

Jenna Olsen, MBA

Principal Scientist

Rachel Gray, PHD

DevOps Lead Engineer

Raymond Cole, MD


Simone Cooper, PhD

Molecular biologists

Mary Fox, MBA


Dr. Marco Cavaglià,

Presidente Associazione QPPacademy Seralmente