Scientific Committe

The Scientific Committee of QPP Seralmente represents the beating heart of our mission: to unite the frontiers of knowledge through interdisciplinary and international dialogue. Comprising eminent figures from various areas of the scientific world and different countries, our committee ensures the excellence and innovation of our research and outreach initiatives.

Committee Members:

Members of our Scientific Committee are selected for their proven expertise and significant contributions in their respective fields of study. Among them are:

Neuroscientists, exploring the mysteries of the brain and its connections with human behavior.

Physicists, specialized in the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and its technological applications.

Philosophers of science, reflecting on the ethical and theoretical implications of scientific discoveries.

Experts in advanced technologies, investigating how innovation can serve science and society.

Medical professionals and biomedical researchers, contributing their knowledge of the practical and theoretical aspects of modern medicine.


Our Scientific Committee is committed to:

– Ensuring that QPP Seralmente activities are at the forefront of scientific and technological research.

– Promoting interdisciplinary research projects that transcend traditional boundaries between disciplines.

– Advocating for accessible scientific outreach, stimulating curiosity and learning among audiences of all ages and cultures.

– International Engagement:

– The international diversity of our committee enriches our approach to science, allowing us to embrace and disseminate a wide range of perspectives and knowledge. Through collaboration among experts with different cultural and academic backgrounds, QPP Seralmente aims to be a global bridge for knowledge and innovation.

Invitation to Collaboration:

QPP Seralmente is always open to new collaborations. If you are a researcher or professional engaged in the scientific field and share our vision of interdisciplinary and accessible knowledge, we invite you to contact us to explore collaboration opportunities